Rise and Eat

12 Jun

Let’s talk breakfast. I’m not going to get into a debate about how it may or may not be the most important meal of the day. Do I skip it sometimes? Yep. Guilty. However, those are rare – and I stress rare – days when maybe one (or more) cocktails/beers happened the night before and whatever goes in may very well be coming back up. Or I got to sleep in. On a typical day however, my routine is as follows:

Wake up

Make coffee, bring coffee back to bed

Drink coffee while catching up on emails, facebook, and work

Get kids up, fed, and ready


Take kids to school while digesting

Work it out

Get on with boring grown-up day

I find when I skip breakfast entirely and go straight into my day I feel shaky, anxious, and a little “off.” And those feelings will follow be throughout the day. I don’t like this. So I try not to do this. That’s my body. Yours might be different. My point is, listen to your body. Do what makes you feel and perform your best – in life, not just the gym.

Some mornings I eat more than others. I listen to my body, remember? Here’s today. Get used to this. I love variety at lunch and dinner, but I’m currently in a breakfast rut . . . that has lasted 3+ years.

My usual. Fruit changes according to season/what I buy. I heart PB on Great Harvest Dakota toast. Seriously.

Time to get sweaty.  Maybe I should post workouts, too? Hmm.


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