My Weekend in Food

18 Jun

“So, what do you eat in a day?” <— this question I get a lot. Nothing special, really, but I documented my weekend because I still have yet to put this blog into focus and maybe it will become a “what I ate today, how about you?” type deal. Who knows? I can’t predict the future.

So, here you go:


1) GH Dakota, pb, mashed banana, cinnamon
2) GH Dakota, smear of butter, scrambled eggs (1 whole + 2 whites)
** not pictured: 4 (total) cups of coffee with a splash of 2% milk and .5 packet raw sugar**


1) Romaine, red onion, cucumber, tomato, sunflower seeds, mozzarella salad. The last of the smoked salmon on garlic rosemary crackers with homemade hummus.

2) Eagan’s for Father’s Day lunch. My husband loves cheeseburgers (I mean, considers-them-a-vital-food-group loves them). I had the Veggie Deluxe (it was just meh. Will beef it next time) with a handful of fries and maybe a sip or 5 of his chocolate milkshake. Maybe. What? It’s my cheat day.


I’m on my typical summer unsweetened Passion Iced Tea kick. Happens every June like clockwork. Some days I do have actual food snacks. I just wasn’t that hungry this weekend, which happens when I up the intensity of my workouts. Strenuous exercise is weird like that. Rest days, however, I eat like it’s going out of style. My body screams for another slice, another helping, a bowl of cereal before bed . . . you get the idea. I should totally post my next “rest day” for comparison. FYI: Kicked my own ass this weekend. Feels good, man.


1) Organic ground turkey breast, Dave’s Gourmet, and Trader Joe’s whole wheat pasta with a garlic olive oil sauteed baby spinach side. Topped with Parmesan. Lots of Parmesan. Thought about having a beer, then thought about bikini season, and ended up with an iced chamomile tea.

2) Look, I’m tired tonight, okay? Panera to the rescue. Fuji Apple Chicken Salad, whole grain mini baguette. I used about 2Tbs of the dressing. So. Good.

Again, beer is whispering sweet nothings to me from the fridge. BUT I did buy Perrier and limes for just such an emergency. Think I just need a bubble-fix.

Actual RECIPES (I know, right?!) coming tomorrow! Cheers!


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