Caprese Pasta Salad

27 Jun

Remember that caprese pasta salad I promised? I did make it for lunch yesterday. And I ate it for lunch yesterday, even though I went to Meconi’s, at the husband’s request, for subs and chips for him and his friend while they did man/car things in our garage for 12 hours yesterday.

Light, summery, guilt-free fuel for a sore body. I wanted a sub. Desperately. But I have lunch plans there for Thursday. Self control, Jess. Self control. It’s a struggle for me. I cave a lot. Meconi’s get a lot of business from us.

Cold Caprese Pasta Salad

  • fresh basil (grow your own. If you eat as much basil as I do, you’ll save tons of $. I bought an already grown, healthy, and potted basil plant from Trader Joe’s for $2.99.)
  • Cherry tomatoes or (my fave) heirloom tomatoes, chopped
  • whole wheat penne or fusilli
  • fresh mozzarella, cubed
  • balsamic vinaigrette (I use Garlic Gold’s. On everything, lately.)

Boil pasta just to al dente. This a cold salad. No mush, please. Drain, rinse in cold water, drain again, spritz ever-so-lightly with olive oil to prevent stickiness while cooling. Cool completely. Add chopped basil, tomatoes, and mozzarella. I did not measure anything. Use as a much or as little of whatever as you like. But try to keep it light on the mozzarella 😉

Drizzle with a small amount of balsamic vinaigrette (2 Tbs?) and toss to coat.

Topped with about 1/2 cup of Monday’s leftover grilled chicken breast, shredded.

Eat while watching greasy men gorge on subs, chips, and cola in your now-filthy garage. Or don’t. I did. Only for entertainment purposes. It’s like lunching with another species. Fascinating.


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