Looking for a Quickie?

4 Jul

I know you’re all getting ready for BBQs, cocktails, and fireworks, but how can you NOT have time for a quickie? Core workout, that is. Get your minds out of the gutter. I mean, really.

(So Totally Not) Painless Core Quickie

60 seconds each exercise

  • Elbow Plank
  • Left Side Plank
  • Right Side Plank
  • Bicycles

Repeat 2 more times.


Hurry! Before the burgers catch fire!

Since I have zero plans tonight (omg am I cool or what?) I’ll most likely end up spending the night improving this lovely little blog with a scaredy-dog shivering under my feet. At least I can see the fireworks show from my porch.

I’m celebrating freedom. Beer is totally allowed today.

Happy 4th to all!


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