No Excuses Here

11 Jul

I’m in Ellensburg. I’ll soon be headed to Missoula, MT. Surrounded by beer, sugary iced coffees, and tempting gas station eats. I will be strong.


Mostly. How could not have drinks and BBQs with friends? Pssh. Rude.


Even though it’s ridiculous hot and this heat is making me ridiculous extra super dramatic, I’m still working out.

Before you start being all judgey, let me explain. I did this workout. No water bottle. Want to know something? This vodka bottle worked better than any water bottle I’ve ever used for this workout. Really makes you focus on your form. Imagine how sad it would be if you dropped it. It’s heavy, too. Totally justifies laying in a kiddie pool for the rest of the day.

Also, I had this for breakfast:


2 whole eggs, 2 tortillas, 1/4 avocado, 1/2 tomato, salsa, dollop of Daisy. It was good. I scarfed it before the heat zapped my appetite.

I like Ellensburg, mostly.


I love my friends here unconditionally.

And that makes the heat bearable.


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