Cheat Happens.

25 Feb

I know a lot of people stick to the idea of a cheat day. “You can’t undo all your hard work in just 1 day.” “It’s good for your body to be ‘confused’ sometimes.” “You’ll snap and go crazy if you don’t indulge every once in a while.” Etc, etc.


1) I personally know women who can and do undo and entire week of  progress by “indulging” in 5-8k calorie cheat days.

2) Sometimes are there treats one should avoid simply because they can’t be eaten in moderation. If you know your trigger – avoid it at all costs. Like drugs and alcohol, food addiction is real and not something to be taken lightly.

3) All to often, I see “indulge” mistaken for “binge til you want to puke.” Um, no. Just no.

Recently, the Cheat Day Movement (I totally just made that up) is slowly being redefined as a Cheat Meal.

A cheat day is fine, IF you can reasonably control yourself, but it adds up. Quick.

I try to keep even my cheats pretty clean and reasonable, but it really depends on how much I’ve been working out and what I’m craving. The old adage, “You can eat like a pig, if you work like a horse.” I’m trying to make that my Personal Training motto 😉

Here are some examples of some of my recent cheat meals. Remember a cheat meal is once a week, not once a day.



Homemade whole wheat pizza and Caesar salad is still pizza and Caesar salad.


Grilled chicken burger on whole wheat bun, fries, and ketchup.


Grilled veggie + cheese + hummus panini. Not pictured: I had a small Coke, too.


Founder’s Favorite: my favorite. Seriously, THIS kind of thing is rare.


Taco Time Light Chicken Tacos. Note: I only get the “light” version because it comes with monterey jack cheese (love!!) instead of that orange cheddar-like stuff.


Chicken Pad Thai from Lemongrass Downtown. I dream about this dish.


Papa Pete’s Pizza. The veggie is loaded and fresh, but, again, it is still pizza.


I try to pick one of the other. Booze and junk together make me quite barfy. Yes, I said “barfy.”


Mojito. If I could pick any drink to “fast” on, it’d be you ❤


Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate. I KNOW. *gasp* Don’t lecture me!


Vodka Cranberry.


Iced Caramel Macchiato. I don’t know what he got. Probably something boring.

Can you tell my “cheats” are carby? Oh man, nothing like a couple tacos or a sandwich and a handful or two of Lay’s Maui Onion Kettle chips after a long week! I usually cheat on Saturdays. Oh man, is it Saturday again yet?

How do you cheat? What are your ultimate vices?

Happy Monday!


2 Responses to “Cheat Happens.”

  1. riceeyd February 25, 2013 at 10:01 pm #

    I don’t do cheat days anymore either. I have days where I “relax the rules” but I no longer give myself a 24 hr free for all.

    • Jess February 25, 2013 at 10:07 pm #

      “Relax the rules” day – I like that! Awesome advice 🙂

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