Good Mood Food: Travel Edition

21 Mar

Out of town, without my laptop, so excuse any funky formatting. Ugh. Phone blogging. But thought I’d buck-up and share my thoughts on clean eating while away from home…because I am literally doing that right now.

Just because you’re away from routine does not mean junk magically has no effect. You will be tempted, yes. However, you’ll probably feel even worse guzzling sugar, booze, and processed snacks than you would at home. Especially if you’re on vacation for reasons other than fun (i.e. temporarily escaping heart-break, the loss of a loved one, high-stress job, etc). You can indulge a little, but remember how good it feels to take care of yourself!

The easiest way? Find a local vegan eatery. Trust me: delicious food and (in my experience) compassionate, friendly conversations. Or maybe these are just my people? Either way – you’ll be eating as clean as it gets. And probably crushing on the kind soul who made it 😉

I just happen to be at Good Mood Food in Leavenworth, WA. Aka: my favorite place on Earth. Seriously. It’s true love:


“Clean eating” and “local/in season” and “free range organic” options are popular right now and gaining momentum. Use this to your advantage! And help the cause. Smart phones make these places easy to find too. I mean, if I can figure it out…..

*Also important: get enough sleep. Or at least find your way to comfy bed for 8 hours. Lack of sleep not only wreaks havoc on your metabolism and immune system, but also makes highly processed faux food and energy drinks more appealing. And then you can’t sleep because you don’t feel great….it’s a vicious cycle. Recognize it. Have a glass of water, take a breath, and evaluate your options. Actually, that is good life advice too.


Have a lovely, restful, local-veggie-filled weekend. Wherever you are.



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